Coronavirus / COVID-19: Continue live and interactive Social Engagement while practicing Social Distancing, to keep yourself and your audience members safe.
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Truly engage with large groups
on their own turf and harness the power
of social media to fit your needs.

Rise of online chat.

Moderated group chat is real-time. It offers instant conversation that’s casual, fast and interactive. With the ability to engage with a small group (or thousands!) of people in a controlled online environment, moderated chat puts the “social” back in social media.

Be hip and relevant.

We offer the most popular and modern messaging service that today’s movers and shakers prefer and expect. Moderated chat is a time- and cost-saving communications tool that lets your organization connect and share information with your audience on a personal and meaningful level.

Build relationships.

Chat Auditorium moderated group chat defines social media: It’s live, real-time, interactive. Completely branded to your organization’s language, tone and look, you’re in control to stay on-message and on-brand. This control extends to the chat messages from your audience: only show those that add to the discussion, and filter out extraneous or off-brand comments from audience members.


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