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Moderated group chat is a
powerful outreach and communications tool
with Chat Auditorium key features.


Easily feature your brand’s content, colors, fonts, logos, taglines, panelist(s) photos and bios.

Full Control

Have complete control in real-time with moderation, routing and screening functionality. You also have the option to “Open” the chat at any time for a roundtable-type discussion and toggle back to a “Screened” discussion mode.

Chat Schmat

It’s not just “chat” when you have clickable links and presentation sliders for a fully interactive, multimedia experience. Share images, slides, surveys, Web pages, existing videos (your movies, YouTube). Instantly clickable email addresses, Web and twitter links also gives your audience easy access to you and your content.

Custom Login

Build and grow your mailing list. Pre-register your audience and/or configure the audience login to meet your specific needs. The collected information is exportable to Excel.

Box Office

Easily and securely sell tickets online to attend your chat event.

Doesn’t Matter

Easily handle large groups with one or more moderators and any number of staff or panelists, with role-based interfaces optimized for efficiency and intuitive ease-of-use, including pre-loaded message queues and pre-submissions of audience questions prior to chat event. Audience group sizes up to 25,000 are supported (contact us if you require more).

Easy Access

Cross-browser compatible and mobile-friendly, your Web and mobile users alike can easily join your online group chats.


We can set up, brand and host your chat promotion page and provide built-in reminders. Invitees can set up reminder alerts for the date and time of your chat event via SMS/text messages, phone calls and emails, as well as export the chat event info to their favorite online calendar.

Transcripts &

Auto-generated, formatted, exportable and searchable transcripts are immediately available after each chat session, providing powerful user-generated content. They may be publicly shared or used for internal research, SEO or FAQs. Useful statistics include audience geo-location.

Social Media

Go viral with social media tie-ins for easy sharing of your chat. We help boost attendance by making it easy for invited audience members to invite friends and associates to your chat event via LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and email (if your chat is a public event).

Secure &

No support required from your IT department. Fully hosted chat with 99.99% uptime on load-balanced and redundant chat servers located across the U.S. and Europe. Online help-desk ticketing system and on-demand dedicated live phone support before and during your chat sessions gives you worry- and daze-free state-of-the-art moderated group chat.

Chat Auditorium is a service of SparcPlug, Inc. providers of daze-free technology

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