Ready to
connect with your
audience live?

Coronavirus / COVID-19: Continue live and interactive Social Engagement while practicing Social Distancing, to keep yourself and your audience members safe.
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Moderated group chat offers real-time
conversations in a completely controlled
and fully branded environment.

Reach your audience.

Personally connect with large groups and orchestrate the chat the way you want them to experience it: on-brand and on-message.

Be there.

Save time, money, and eliminate the hassle of travel--whether it's across town or across the country. Easily gather large groups of people within your company, community or customer base, and engage with everyone in real-time social networking.

Daze-free technology.

No downloads, software installs, connectivity issues, or plug-ins, and no need for the IT department. With Chat Auditorium, you just schedule your chat session, invite your audience, then log in.

Chat Auditorium is a service of SparcPlug, Inc. providers of daze-free technology

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